What is slurry seal?
Slurry seal is a bituminous sealer mixed with very fine stone applied to the surface of a road to help extend an asphalt pavement’s moisture resistance by sealing over very fine cracks and voids thus helping to extend its useful life. Slurry seal requires about 6 hours to cure to a point that it will support traffic without being damaged, however, during the first two days or so after application the twisting and turning of wheels, particularly while sitting still or moving very slowly can tear the slurry surface leaving a noticeable mark. You can help improve the look and quality of the slurry by trying to turn your wheels while the vehicle is in motion, this will greatly reduce the number of blemishes in the slurry surface.

When the slurry is initially placed the surface is quite rough. This will improve over the course of the first couple weeks after the work as the fine aggregates are worked into the surface. Low volume roads like cul-de-sacs will take longer to gain this smooth look. Please contact Construction Services with any questions.

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