What is milling and resurfacing?
Pavement milling, also referred to as planing, is the method used to remove a designated thickness from an existing asphalt pavement. Most milling is in the 1 1/2-3 inch range, however profile milling or edge milling is sometimes used with thicknesses of less than 1 inch being removed.

After the surface is milled, any necessary repairs of pavement failures are made and then the road is resurfaced with new asphalt. On some mill and resurfacing projects we also apply a layer of geotextile fabric to the existing asphalt surface before the new asphalt is placed. This paving fabric creates a waterproof membrane between the asphalt layers that aids in the pavements ability to resist the effects of moisture and slows the reappearance of reflective cracking through the new asphalt.

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